Art Director
expired Jun 12, 2017

Job Description

TWINOAKS is seeking an Art Director on the verge of greatness. 

What will be required of you?  Work on awesome National Brands...many of which are in your home and your refrigerator...or in a bottle under your desk, providing outstanding Art Direction in design, communications and concept in the most appealing and unique ways possible.

Our team is an intentional blend of retail and brand experience, providing a unique balance of insight and understanding, allowing us to create strategic and innovative shopper marketing programs for both brand and retail. We're a division of  The Mars Agency, with the power of relationships and analytics. In short, we have a very long reach.


Job Responsibilities

This is a long list, but suffice it to say, you should pretty much know your way around in illustrator, photoshop, and the mainstream sundries in advertising and visual communications. Plus any interactive abilities would likely be useful.

  • Collaborate with account and creative teams to develop concepts that meet predetermined objectives and strategies
  • Develop an understanding of the Shopper Marketing discipline
  • Assist Creative Director in all aspects of creative execution, from initial concepts through production phase
  • Engage in new business presentations and spec work for potential clients
  • Effective interpersonal skills, working well across functions
  • Conscientious work ethic
  • High level of organization, attention to detail and innovation
  • All other duties as assigned to the Creative Director as outlined in the Marquess of Queensbury rules regarding the perfect art director


Job Qualifications

What You Bring To Us:

  • A portfolio that knocks our socks off, completely, or at least fills them with holes
  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic arts or related field
  • Minimum of 3 years of marketing or advertising experience, preferably agency experience in shopper marketing or retailer promotions
  • A healthy self respect, but not overbearing and obnoxious, a little humility goes a long way around here

How to Apply

Email Cameron Clement:  Text only to confirm receipt of email: 479.461.0231

Email  Phone 479.461.0231
Additional Information

We sincerely hope that the work you do with TWINOAKS will be so riveting and breakthrough that it will allow you to speak at The Dallas Society of Visual Communications in the not too distant future, signing many autographs and becoming very famous, (but please give us a little credit : )

All direct communication to be held on normal office hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Cameron Clement

WORK-PLAY-REPEAT.  We're a carefully matched group of thinkers, who look past quick fixes to craft tangible solutions. We’re not blunt, but precise and determined. We work hard and work hard at having fun, whether it's over table tennis, or a Fletcher's Corny dog in the animal corral at the fair. We are a different kind of brand agency, with an unexpected point of view. We fight the normal and embrace different, and have more than a little fun.



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