It is once again the time of year when you, as a DSVC member, consider your nomination for the next recipient of the Golden Egg, the most prestigious award the DSVC can bestow. Recipients are honored for their lifetime achievement as an extraordinary talent.

Past recipients of the Golden Egg comprise a veritable Hall of Fame for the Dallas creative community. There have only been 30 recipients since the award's inception in 1975. They are: Stan Richards, Bill Hill, Jack Unruh, Bart Forbes, Arlen Bryant, Woody Pirtle, Don Ivan Punchatz, Morris Hite, Sam Bloom, Jack Summerford, Larry Sons, Charles McGough, Jim Jacobs, Bob Dennard, Greg Booth, Ron Sullivan, Arthur Eisenberg, Dick Mitchell, Cap Pannell, George Toomer, Rob Lawton, Don Sibley, David Carter, Rex Peteet, Ed Brock, Chris Rovillo, Mark Perkins, Brian Boyd, Bill Baldwin, Alan Lidji, Tim Hale, Stewart Cohen, Margie Bowles, and Dick Patrick.

Although it is not imperative that we have a recipient of the Golden Egg each year, it is very important that you respond whether you are nominating someone or not, so we can gauge the sentiments of all DSVC members.

Nominate a Golden Egg recipient here.
The deadline for response is Friday, March 19, 2021.

Thank you for your time and careful consideration.

Lékan Olamilekan Mabayoje,
52nd Annual Dallas Show Chair


To honor an individual who has, in his or her Dallas career (including related fields, i.e.; Visual Communications, Graphic Design, Photography, Film, Animation, Advertising, Illustration, and Typography), made an extraordinary contribution to creativity, education, or mentoring, and had a positive and lasting impact on our industry.


Note The qualifications are not listed in any particular order of importance but are numbered for reference purposes.

  • The recipient must be an individual who is or has been employed as a visual communications professional, whether in an agency, company, or self-employed.
  • Since the Golden Egg is a career award, the recipient must have shown consistent excellence in his or her field of creativity over a period of years (minimum: 5 years).
  • Related to preceding qualification (point 2): Clarifying "consistent excellence" means producing quality work regularly.
  • The recipient must have drawn favorable national attention to the Dallas area visual communications and design community through the exhibition of his or her work in publications and awards competitions.
  • The recipient should have made educational contributions at a national and/or regional level by participation at various levels of the education process related to the creative and visual communications fields. This includes teaching, or giving talks, and participating in seminars at schools or related organizations.
  • The recipient should have made community and professional contributions by being involved in judging, seminars, speaking, etc. locally and in other cities and states, with related organizations and goals.
  • In the case of an employer, a recipient may be one who has upgraded and enhanced the Dallas professional image by hiring employees who have the same values and capabilities of producing a consistency of excellence in their work, but the employer himself does not create the work nor does only one individual.
  • The recipient must be of high character.
  • The recipient need not be a member of DSVC, but of course, may be a member.
  • Previous winners are not eligible.


  • Only members of the DSVC may nominate individuals to be recipients of the Golden Egg Award.
  • The deadline for nominations is March 19, 2021.
  • All nominations will be kept confidential by the Golden Egg Selection Committee.


Nominate a Golden Egg recipient here.