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MonkeyTag has been in business since 2010 and is an award-winning, full-service ad agency in downtown Dallas. We are an agency full of creative chimps who love what we do, and approach every project with devotion, respect, and unparalleled passion.

It’s our mission to be an agency that inspires minds and shatters creative boundaries with innovative thinking to successfully build, launch, and support brands using meaningful and lasting storytelling. Our services and experiences will be unconventional and collaborative, thus helping brands to forever evolve, be authentic, continue to engage, and remain relevant.

This unconventional method has led to success for both our clients and our agency (hooray, awards!). Whether it’s web banners or a complete brand strategy, every client and every job takes priority. The bigger the challenge, the larger MonkeyTag’s creativity.

We are MonkeyTag. We are brand storytellers.

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Anthony Bearden

Logan Bingaman

Rachel McCormick