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About Bryan Hynecek

Bryan Hynecek, from California, is VP of Design at Speck. Speck is a California born company and a leader in impeccable design, durability and style for iPhones, iPads, smartphones, laptops and e-readers. Bryan oversees all of the design processes - taking a design from its very first concept right through to production. On a day-to-day basis, Bryan spends his time considering the limitations within a manufacturer?s design and tries to bridge the gap between devices and the ways they will actually be used in everyday life. Bryan also experiments with ways in which Speck can inspire consumers to use their devices to make everyday tasks easier. Bryan and the design team are constantly trying to evolve Speck?s products to differentiate them from the competition. They have to constantly meet the challenge of being innovative and different, while acting as quick as, or quicker than, everyone else to stay relevant. The fun stuff about Bryan: Bryan loves making things. He ?geeks out? about every aspect of it, from the tiniest nuance of how a person uses something to the latest and greatest manufacturing technology. No, seriously? he obsesses about it all. As unique a trait as that is, he?s managed to find an entire group of people that geek out in the same way, put them in a room at Speck, and together they continually crank out compelling product.