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About Limbert Fabian

Limbert Fabian is a Creative Director at Moonbot Studios. Most recently, he co-directed a film and game experience for Chipotle Mexican Grill with Moonbot creative partner Brandon Oldenburg. Before joining the moonbots on their lunar expedition, Limbert was a creative director at Reel FX, working on projects for Summit Entertainment, Elmore Leonard’s A Coyote's In The House, Spy Kids 2, Toby Barlow's Sharp Teeth, Microsoft, Paramount, Gatorade, PEPSI, Troublemaker Studios, Miramax and the Radio City Music Hall's Rockettes. He was an essential creative leader at the company's Santa Monica, CA satellite office, guiding new and innovative design efforts such as creative advertising campaigns and fully interactive experiences. His freelance illustration work has appeared in The Village Voice, Playboy and The Atlantic.