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About Michael Kern

Michael Kern is the Executive Creative Director and co-founder of Welikesmall. He brings extensive experience in creative direction, digital solutions, and cinematography. Welikesmall is the brainchild of a few award-winning interactive industry veterans who were, quite frankly, fed up with the inefficiency and bureaucracy of large interactive companies. We knew that our clients were growing tired of it too, so we created a new model. We feel that by staying small and hand-picking the best people, we remain nimble, offer the absolute best client service, and ultimately work faster and more effectively than our larger-sized competition. Michael's stubborn approach to building stuff, birthing ideas, and foraging for berries has resulted in a heap of trophies that all look similar but not too similar to each other. His clients include Academy Awards, American Express, Black Diamond, Clif Bar, Coke, Ford, Google, Hyundai, Jordan, Microsoft, Moment Skis, Nike, Playstation, Quiksilver, Specialized, Starbucks, Swiss Army, Umbro, and Warrior, among others. In addition to his role at Welikesmall, Michael holds an adjunct faculty position at the University of Utah. Mike holds a masters degree in New Media, and an undergraduate degree in Imaging Science from Rochester Institute of Technology.