Print Matters

French Paper Company and Mama's Sauce are teaming up to bring paper and printing process to life for the DSVC… To educate, inspire, and entertain with knowledge about paper, design, and print.

This event will have Brian French, 6th generation French Family, and Nick Sambrato, Founder of Mama's Sauce, tell tales of their production processes, the history of their companies, and then share the stage in a 3-part panel with a local designer from your community to answer questions on how the three elements, design, paper, & print, meet to make art.

Both companies go beyond manufacturers, each has become a part of the design community. The strength that their traditional mediums bring when incorporated in your communication serves as a challenge to those architecting designed experiences - we have a choice as we move forward, a choice to build things with integrity, that are well made, that will pass their own “touch test” like good paper & print. Designers are building the story that will be their respective medium’s legacy.