Native Texan Ben Jenkins is a designer, brand strategist & entrepreneur. Ben is the founder and design director of the 18-year-old branding firm ONEFASTBUFFALO. A former professional baseball player, he is a self taught designer that utilized his experience crafting brands for clients to pursue building brands of his own including the creation of Warstic which he co-owns now with the American musician Jack White.

The Longcut


by Ben Jenkins


Ben discusses his career journey and thoughts on how commercial artists might consider dedicating to the long haul of mastering their craft without leaving their spirit, relationships and health behind.  Ben will reveal the difference between living a creative life that mindfully fuels your work and health vs. settling for just living the life of a worker in the creative industry. We are more than workers for the dreamers. Leave with a roadmap and motivation to pursue personal passion as a means to create ventures beyond the realm of clients.