Come spend an evening with Jessica Hische and pick up a copy of her new book Who Will U Be.

Who Will U Be is a delightful picture book by New York Times bestselling author-illustrator Jessica Hische that follows an inquisitive little letter "u" as she goes on a class field trip to find out all the ways letters are seen and used in the world.

It's the annual "Find Yourself Field Trip" at Ms. Bracket's School of Little Letters, and "u" couldn't be more excited. She can't wait to see all the ways letters are used in the world -- they're on everything from books to boats, from sidewalks to spaceships! And it's starting to make her wonder one important question: Who will she be when she grows up?

With clever storytelling and vibrant, powerful illustrations, bestselling author Jessica Hische has created an enchanting picture book that is not only an accessible introduction to typography for kids, but also a wonderful reminder to embrace one's individuality and curiosity as they grow older.