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My career as a photographer began back in the days of film. I received my bachelors degree in photography with a minor in Radio, TV, Film, then went on to assisted several photographers, before becoming a full-time assistant to one of the most talented and respected food photographers in the South. I assisted for three years before I ventured out solo. 

My shooting style is best articulated as intuitive and decisive. I pride myself on being a problem solver, who “makes things easy” for clients. Stress and drama have no place on my set. I have always strived to assemble the very best team for the project. Each member of our freelance team comes together seamlessly, to collaborate with clients, and to ensure the process is fun and enjoyable. This approach has allowed me to cultivate a diverse group of clientele.

All of these elements are the ingredients in our recipe. When you start with high-quality ingredients, marinate them with collaboration and focus, the results are the manifestation of this process. This yields an intangible value to my clients and their brands. 

I look forward to cooking-up something great with you soon!

My work at a glance