About Me
With a bachelor of art’s degree in graphic design from Texas Christian University, I have a sharp eye for design and a unique ability to blend typography with pattern and color. When I'm not going cross-eyed designing on my computer, I'm probably lettering on anything I can get my hands on (mirrors, leaves, you name it). My love for letters and design is doodled throughout my color-coded planner and can be seen on various client projects. Besides being a designer, I'm a runner and a certified yoga teacher. Born in Alabama, I love football and also enjoy rustic architecture, psychology, and guacamole. I am organized, curious and incredibly self-motivated. My psychology minor allows me to truly understand the mindset of the client an

Branding/Identity Logo Design Letterhead Design Business Card Design Infographics Resume Design Ad Design Email Design Flyer Design Social Media Design Calligraphy Hand-lettering Invitation Design Menu Design Apparel Design Poster Design Program Design Photoshoot Design Copywriting Presentations Banner Design Assistant Duties Photography

Current font fetish
Either messy, whimsical handlettering or very geometric sans-serif

Dream Project
Anything music, food/health/wellness, or interior design related would be an absolute dream. I have a strong interest in those fields and also believe a large amount of creative freedom could be applied.