About Me

Short-hand notes about me: Human female born and raised in / around New Orleans. New to Dallas. Enjoys making things that are functional and engaging, but that also look cool. Uses her hands to do so, generally.


More interesting notes about me: I love dogs. I also enjoy exploring nature, drawing stuff, traveling, practicing my Spanish, tinkering with things, learning about the Earth and the Universe, storytelling—whether for others or just for the fun of it, making cool things that make other people smile, spreading the smiles, being happy, getting better, accepting challenges, persevering, being my best self. If you need to win me over, bring coffee and your good company.


  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Tinkering
  • Research
  • Traveling
  • Being silly
  • Thinking conceptually
  • Screenprinting + Lithography
  • Playing with dogs
  • Spanish - hola
  • Cooking vegan, with enough protein!
  • Winging it.

Current font fetish

Futura PT Heavy for life.

Dream Project

Anything with Tyler, The Creator and / or Frank Ocean...but, set-creating, illustrating or animating with them would be the most sick.

  • *Screams in my face* "NO."
  • "Make it pop." *"Pop"??????????? I don't even know what that means anymore.*
  • "I really didn't like any of your designs, so I just bought a logo for $15.00 online instead." *brain proceeds to internally combust*