About Me

I'm an oil painter by training and creative director and digital marketing strategist by trade. As Managing Editor & Creative Director at Sabre, the travel tech mothership, I manage a small but incredibly talented creative team of graphic + web designers and video editors and animators. Before this, I was a digital and social media strategist at The Richards Group, where I worked alongside creative teams daily to bring our clients' ideas to life. 

I'm also passionate about travel (I'm an army brat and grew up constantly on the move), and have a travel blog - the main goal of which is to inspire more people to make travel a priority and give them the tools to make it happen, cubicle day job with limited vacation days or not.

Despite listing it last, my true vocation in life is fine art. I graduated with a BFA in Painting & Drawing from UNT in 2008 and also studied painting at the Istituto Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy. I maintain an active studio practice, regularly show my work in gallery and museum shows around the country. My style is contemporary figurative realism and I'm currently focused on using the figure to physicalize aspects of the human experience that are intangible and difficult to describe with words. 


Creative direction, art direction, social media strategy, digital strategy, content marketing, creative writing, copywriting, copy editing, illustration, fine art, painting, drawing.

Dream Project

To be the creative director of a large scale Airbnb project/campaign/experiment that brings together artists from around the world to commission original works of art that describe and encapsulate something essential about their cities - culminating in a video-heavy digital experience/microsite and social media campaign.

No, no, nononono. I NEED all 1,578 words to be on this slide. Put them back.