About Me

Hi, I’m Haley Guilfoile! I’m currently located in Dallas TX. I grew up in Michigan, and studied in San Francisco, California.  I am sunny, optimistic, and outgoing. I love coffee, I probably eat too much sushi, I have a baby daughter as well as a bearded dragon named Mango.  I make really bad dad jokes and talk too much!

Working as a UX Designer on enterprise software solutions over at Heritage Auctions in Oak Lawn.




My work includes user research, user experience design, user interface design as well as graphic design, illustration, carving, painting and laser etching. I love taking on challenges and learning new techniques.


Current font fetish

Lately I have been using Lato a lot-o... ohkay sorry I couldn't resist.

I'd really love to take a typography workshop and dive into it a little more.


My work at a glance