About Me

I’m the Art Director on the internal marketing team for the Film + Music house of brands (servicing Musicbed, Filmsupply, and future ventures). We’re building a culture where driven creatives can thrive.

My experience in advertising was shaped by my early involvement in the local music scene. At 16 I was designing CD packaging, flyers, and tour media, as well as booking shows, printing merch, and coordinating photoshoots. I’ve always been the weird creative with a knack for spreadsheets.

My degree in Studio Art means I’m a conceptual thinker, I like working with my hands, and I had absolutely no clue what I was doing starting out. I like to think I do now though?

I care a lot about my work and I’m passionate about making meaningful things for the world. When I’m not working I like to draw, ride my bike, travel, drink coffee, think, write, and sing Power Rangers with my insane children.