About Me

Beyond my professional life (and to the frustration of many in my personal life), I live in a state of mind that compels me to observe, analyze, create, and improve – collectively referred to as "tweaking" by my family. I have been creating since I could walk, whether doodling on whatever paper was available, lego-ing my 3-D visions of the future (where my AFOL peeps?!), studying and recreating the Lascaux cave paintings in mixed media, or just making a better PB&J... I am always in maker mode. The career of graphic design chose me about 27 years ago and I’ve been blessed to work with many far more talented than myself along the way. Today, I own a small, but growing design agency in downtown Plano called JSDesigns.       



Current font fetish


Dream Project

"We have a super-cool new product and a huge budget – but we just can't seem to find the right team to make it sing... can you help?" I love to bring voice and vision to a product.

Circa Y2K
@5th Round of Logo Concepts:
"Hmm... I still don't think this is what we're looking for. Can you just go ahead and bill us based the original estimate."
~ Small business client X, who I only took on because my plate was light and the job sounded fun...