About Me

Every family has their stories, passed on from one generation to the next. I love to tell people about my mother growing up in the Philippines. She came from a large family and would wake up at 4 in the morning to sell the vegetables from my grandmother's garden then use the money to buy seafood from the fishmongers. She would take this haul to the village market cleverly sprinkling the catch with fish blood to make it even more enticing. With a basket at her hip, she would shout out the day’s menu til her load was light. Entrepreneurship. It runs in my family.

Part of being an immigrant’s daughter is drive. Throughout my life I was encouraged to do well in school, strive to be better than your best and always be kind by helping others. I put myself through college, survived cancer, bought my own home, and up until this point, my job wasn't just to survive but thrive. I am the American dream. 

I have built my career shouting out the day's catch. I'm ready to help others with their dream. Passionate start-ups. Locally sourced restaurants. Non-profits. What gets you out of bed?