About Me

Danielle hails and currently resides in the Lone Star State and has been known to let a few “y’alls” slip out from time to time. With creative experience in NYC and LA, she refined her eye for design at fashion brands, Vogue and J.Crew. She is often found with Starbucks in one hand, director's horn in the other, finessing the finer details in every design. On a constant quest for the perfect movie, tequila and hiking trail, Danielle's unwavering attention to detail, eye for composition, and meticulous organization ensure that each and every project looks like a masterpiece. Her favored remedies for a stressful day are hot yoga, a Mambo Taxi, and walks on Katy Trail. Capable of issuing directives while energizing the studio with jumping jacks and belting out Justin Bieber lyrics, Danielle is the visionary force behind every design.



USC Fine Arts B.A. and Cinematic Arts Minor, SMU Graphic Design Certification, Adobe Creative Suite​, Digital & Social Media, Marketing & Advertising, Film & Photo Shoot Production, Fashion Styling, Event Planning, Microsoft Office

Current font fetish

Avenir Light

Dream Project

Feature Film with Sophia Coppola

"Every millenial thinks they can be a designer."