About Me

I'm an accomplished Art Director, Senior Presentation Developer & Senior Go-to-Market Training Architect with over 30 years of experience in creating conceptually challenging design solutions, including on-screen training and event marketing rich media, in a variety of industries.

I have extensive experience in developing design concepts for global, regional, and local pitches and programs, rich in detail, animation, and other high-level design elements.

I enjoy creating valuable partnerships and work well with people at all levels of the organization, including stakeholders, customers, vendors, and team members.

Technical Skills:

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & Acrobat, Prezi Pro, Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Fluid knowledge of uses/potential/strengths/weaknesses of mainstream presentation graphic platforms



Just a sampling, mind you, but they would include:

  • Creative and Production management
  • Collaborative message/story development
  • Big box concept divination
  • Mentoring the next wave of creatives to follow us
  • Instructor-level Adobe Cloud apps passion (love 'em, work in 'em all day every day)
  • Big event and c-suite presentation design (using Powerpoint for sure, looking to lean more into Keynote, and as a core Prezi developer right up to when they rolled out the HTML5 variant - boo)

Current font fetish

Oh Gosh, lately it's been Veneer Clean and Avenir. It's a challenge working in a tightly branded company to stay awake and aware of cool fonts and related trends, but I do try. My latest influence has been things like font treatments on old Cold War soviet propaganda posters. Big, brash, bold with a mildly sinister undertone.

Dream Project

Coaching a terrified presenter to delivering the best session they've ever delivered. I've gotten to do it a few times, and nothing is more satisfying than to watch them go out there and nail it. Think thing like Tedtalks - that's my peferred arena, both as a designer and a message sherpa.

"It's okay." Hearing this literally causes me to physiaccly wince. Second only to, "we'll do all the hard work, and then get you to pretty it up for us." Not strictly feedback - but it can set the tone of the rest of the engagement.