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About Me

Hello Friends! I'm Amber, a graphic designer, illustrator, typographer, and professor. My work is largely influenced and inspired by cultures outside of America, as well as my obsession with typography and texture. I originally studied studio art until I discovered graphic design my last semester of undergrad. On one hand I wish I had found graphic design sooner, but on the other hand I've never once regretted my studio art degree and have seen it come in handy many times as a professional graphic designer. I currently teach graphic design classes at Dallas Baptist University as an adjunct professor (classes include: Graphic Design 1, Visual Communication, and Lettering & Typography). 

Hobbies: Hiking, rock climbing, reading, and learning more about whatever niche in the graphic design field that has peaked my interest at the time (currently type design).


Art Direction, Presenting, Layout Design, Brand Design, Campaign Design, Illustration, Typography, etc.

Current font fetish

I pretty much drool over type all the time and of all kinds, so I don't think I have a fettish; however, I do wish students would stop wanting to use that brush script font.

Dream Project

A specific project doesn't come to mind, but it would be a DREAM to collaborate with Jaemin Lee at Studio Fnt on a project!

That looks like an excel sheet. ;'(

*If it did, that was one fine excel sheet.

My work at a glance