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About Me

 I have recently returned to Texas after living in San Francisco and the Bay Area  for 19 years. California city life was a huge influence and inspiration on my artwork, graphic design, and photography, and my creativity flourished in the downtown San Francisco environment of the early to late aughts. I showed my artwork at several venues and had many creative collaborations with other Bay Area artists, and performers.
   I moved to the East Bay in 2010 and my creative projects were often on the back burner as I was involved in other corporate interests, but I occasionally freelanced Illustration and Graphic Design projects, mostly working with bands, performing groups and musical events.

     At the start of 2022, I took a hiatus away from the corporate world to fully refocus on creating art, mainly creating many new paintings which I exhibited at The Delta Gallery in Brentwood (also working there part time), and to also focus on my writing projects. Later that year I determined that my California experience had pretty much run it’s course and that it was time to move on from the Bay Area that had changed so much over the years from a Mecca of arts and culture to a polarizing new Tech culture.

     Before moving to the West Coast I worked for two different graphic design firms  in Dallas after of graduating from Texas Tech University with a BFA in Design Communications in 1999


-Accomplished artist, primarily acrylic and watercolor paintings (Fine Art, Pop Art) which have been show in a few art galleries in California. I also excell at drawings in pencil and ink, and am always filling up my sketch books with comic book style art, conceptual art, and at life drawing events.  

-Skilled Graphic Designer, specializing in posters, flyers, album artwork and creating logos.

-Seasoned photographer having specialized in portraits, events, urban life and abstracts. I work with film when I can and I love 120mm film (Holga cameras). Nothing can beat that perfect B & W film caputure!     

-Experience with silkscreen and monotype printing making process. I LOVE this medium and created several great prints years ago - would love to get back into printmaking soon.)  

-I have a passion for writing and have completed a few (copyrighted) short stories and screen plays with several more in progress. (As I finish the next few writing projects I may pursue publishing the strories and getting and an agent for the screenplays.) 

-Dabbled in ceramics and glassblowing many years ago- I would like to get into this again if I were to find the facilities and equipment to create new pieces.

Current font fetish


Dream Project

Rock and Roll posters! I'm a huge fan of the psychedelic rock posters of the 70's, the Punk Rock posters of the 80's and Grunge/ Electronica concert posters of the 90's and Art Noveau opera posters of the early 1900's! I would love to just crank out lurid edgy rawk posters full time. I have no shortage of wacky and bold ideas and imagery that I could perfectly juxtapose to almost any genre of music. (Bonus points if it's silkscreen posters.)