About Me

I am an award winning graphic designer and illustrator, with 15+ years experience in branding, identity, print and packaging design & illustration. I have worked with both large, national companies and small, individually owned businesses to bring their brands and products to life in a way that pushes the boundaries of branding, design and illustration to create memorable brands that grab the consumer's attention and imagination. Designs and illustrations that engage the consumer and solidify the brands in their minds, making them brand loyalists and evangelists. My philosophy is to work hard and have fun while doing it.


design + illustration = designastrator (aka Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration)

Current font fetish

My fetish for all fonts knows no bounds.

Dream Project

Any project where I can work into it an illustration of a Japanese inspired Kaiju cat monster vomiting a rainbow.

"We asked you to think outside the box, but maybe you could put at least one foot back in the box."