About Me
This says it best: Portfolio - http://www.ldeanportfolio.com I am a local freelance designer/illustrator in Allen. I am a second-generation designer; my father was an early member of the Dallas Art Directors Club and hung out with the likes of Jack Unruh, Rob Lawton, Stan Richards, Bob Knight, and Dick Sloan. My claim to fame was the Blockbuster Video logo and identity, but since the company tanked, it's lost some of its luster. I've been a member of the DSVC off an on throughout the years?now I'm back.

- Ad campaigns - Billboards - Brochures - Corporate Identity (including logos) - Direct Mail - Illustration - Mechanical production - Packaging - Photo-retouching - Signage - Trade show booths - Websites

Current font fetish
All of them.

Dream Project
Brand a major movie franchise.

My work at a glance