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Since April 2016, I've been representing StudioTribe, an amazing group of digital artists with photography, creative imaging, photo illustration, CGI & animation skills that can add next level detail to your concepts & designs.  I received my degree in Marketing from Oklahoma State University & began my career selling air time at the Edge radio station in Tulsa where I was not only responsible for sales & collections but also for local radio commercial copy writing (back then it was kinda like rapping, well, sorta).  I decided to move to the Big D in 2004 where my career launched into providing a full suite of services for print advertising & packaging including design, photography, image creation & print services for clients in a variety of industries ranging from retail to restaurants to consumer products. I would tell you what I like to do in my downtime but as a mom of two little ones, you can probably guess how I spend my free, not free, time.  On the rare occasion that we get a sitter, I enjoy going to concerts . . . any concert pretty much (two of my favorites were Merle Haggard & Ice Cube), spending "quality" time with my drinking buddies, & I have the utmost appreciation for all the adventures the Big D has to offer (fashion, arts & culture, restaurants, parks, & the DSVC, of course!).    



Rep - OMG - I checked my profile and this is all it said.  I feel like I'm so much more than that - I'm creative, a fashionista & I love connecting people who are destined to make advertising magic together.  I can't help but provide excellent customer service (keeps me awake at night otherwise) and follow the "golden rule" when it comes to business.  

Back to the rep thing though, the digital artists I represent at Tribe need me to be their voice as they spend most (ok, all) of their time in front of their monitors making next-level images & visual content.  So if you need any help with a complex photo composition, character development, 3D renders, or motion content, lemeno.  

Current font fetish

The one that has not yet been created ;)

Dream Project

Creating some impactful imagery for my favorite non-profit, Hope Supply Co. - - whose mission is to meet the critical needs of DFW's homeless children by providing diapers, personal hygiene products,  & school supplies to enhance their lives.  


I told you to make this clear bag (in a catalog) more clear!  More clear, I said!