About Me

Just your typical UTA student, but cooler, more sophisticated. I study visual communication during the day, and work as a graphic designer for the Office of Involvement and Engagement during other parts of the day. When I'm not doing that, I'm acting as Student Brand Ambassador for Amazon. So, you know, pretty cool, sophisticated stuff. Find more at infinitedanmark.com


Besides the obvious Illustrator and Photoshop I'm talented in the noble art of losing my phone, my keys, and books.

Current font fetish

Museo is my go-to font. It lives perfectly in the land between fun and formal.

Dream Project

I would love to design a tourist/travel campaign for any country, but particular Poland or the U.S.

One client asked "could you make this more balanced?" then moved stuff around on my ai file, made the layout significantly worse and said "is that better?"

My work at a glance