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About Me
Last year I co-founded Two Sticks Creative with Darren Weirich. I have been designing for over 15 years, working at several boutique design shops and agencies in Dallas before doing freelance design. My clients range from Fortune 100 companies to small mom-and-pop’s and non-profits. I earned my BFA in Communication Design from UNT (with honors), and a BS in Biology and Forestry from Stephen F. Austin to boot. Shortly after starting my design career, I joined a Army Special Operations unit to serve my country (and get paid to jump out of planes). I was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, doing what I call ‘an advertising agency in combat’. Those experiences have made me a more thoughtful and capable creative human being, but also helped me know what is truly necessary in life, and what’s not.

Reaching things on the top shelf and singing like Johnny Cash.

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Dream Project
Anything that requires doing voice-overs for cartoon characters.