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About Me

Hello, I'm Izetta. I am a recent graduate from Texas A&M University-Commerce with a Viscom Art Direction degree. Since I've graduated I've traveled around Europe and America gathering inspiration and using my "free time" while I have it. I am currently doing freelance design and am looking for a great position at a Dallas agency.


Design, painting, writing, crocheting, and deflecting bad attitudes. 

Current font fetish

Claradon, and most slab serifs paired with a nice sans serif like Avenir. 

Dream Project

I would love to do some work for Southwest Airlines. They have a great brand and have a lot of fun in their advertisements.

That I've received? "I like it." For me, feedback like that doesn't help, I would much rather you pick my work apart and tell me everything that can be amplified. Telling me what's working and not working is the best and fastest way to get an amazing design.

My work at a glance