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About Me

An introvert that has spent over 30 years in sales? How does that work? I don't know either, but never-the-less here I am. I've been a fairly successful sales person, a pretty decent dad and I'm currently working on being the worlds best "paw-paw". I'm pretty much into all types of music (can ya dance to it?), Kurt Vonnegut, soccer, skateboards, mountain bikes and (of course) Texas Longhorns football.


I'm tip-top with lithographic printing, digital printing and graphic arts finishing. My strongest asset is my knowledge of P.O.P. Displays and display boards. I also play guitar (poorly) and used to be decent on a skateboard, but no longer.

Current font fetish

I love whatever fonts you guys love.

Dream Project

Something that involves a beach, a hammock, a surfboard and some beers. Any of you guys have something like that your working on? If so, I'm your man.