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Alex is a Global Chief Creative and Marketing Officer who has worked extensively in over 24 markets, including the UK, France, Brazil, Russia, China, Indonesia, India, and Mexico, to name a few. His career began right here in Dallas 20 years ago working for The Richards Group as a Graphic Design Specialist, and since then went on to become the ECD for Slingshot, and then to the storied Martin Agency as SVP, Creative Director. 

An opportunity to live and work in London brought Alex to EF Education First as the Global Creative and Brand Director, and after 6 incredible years, has decided to return to the US and back to Texas. He is now fulfilling a life-long dream of working with his brother to build what will be the most trusted and respected insurance and financial services brand in the country. 

Alex has led some of the most successful integrated and digital campaigns in the world, including ‘My Story’ which had over 17 million unique visitor contribute from around the world.

“There was a time when we first launched “My Story” where my eyes were pretty much glued to our analytics page, watching as one person here and there would engage with the experience. Perhaps a little neurotic, but it was more about the ‘where’ than the actual numbers. By the time My Story hit Indonesia, it was all over… or just the beginning. It exploded. I care just as much about the results as I do the creative, and when we passed the 15 million mark, our average brand engagement time was 8:11 with a cost of less than 1/4 a penny per minute of engagement. I’m very proud of that.”

Alex has been married to his wife Christy for 19 years, and has 3 sons, Grant, Aidan and Jude. He loves travelling, writing, great food and wine, and spends his free time coaching others on how to be more powerful and creative in every aspect of their lives.