March 15th, 2021


Job Description

We are a fast-paced, can-do team looking for someone with creative ninja word-smithing skills who can take on many responsibilities. Our ideal candidate can connect with our target demographic, Gen-Z, and create a brand-voice for each of our private brands.

Job Responsibilities

• Creating, editing, and proofreading all customer-facing copy.
• Create compelling creative copy in our brand voices. Content includes: digital marketing: social media, brand emails (newsletters), website banners, Amazon content, and can optimize search engine (SEO) web content.
• Create creative copy for product packaging, product name development, and descriptions on the website.
• Engrossed with current trends and researches industry trends, terms, and competitors to propose new content that will retain our customers and attract new ones.
• Enhance product content across all strategic eCommerce customers.
• Audit product content, including images, dimensions, and descriptions.
• Collaborate with creative team members to promptly resolve product content needs.
• Create and maintain product details, such as: product metadata, product descriptions, digital assets.
• Contribute to creative brainstorming in meetings.

Job Qualifications

• Ability to work self-sufficiently and collaboratively with team members.
• At least 2+ years experience in copywriting position.
• Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, Marketing, or Journalism preferred.
• Strong attention to detail and impeccable grammar skills.
• Excellent time management, organizational, & communication skills.
• Able to prioritize multiple projects and work in a fast-paced environment.
• Positive work ethic.
• Salary based on experience.

How to Apply

Please attach your portfolio, copywriting samples, or website address along with your resume and send to:


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Julie Johnson

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