Who We Are

The DSVC consists of designer, writers, photographers, illustrators, broadcast producers and the many vendors and suppliers who support them. We continually seek to elevate the standards of creative industries and the value that creative professionals add to commerce and the community at-large.

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DSVC Events

The DSVC hosts a meeting every month from September to May featuring a nationally recognized speaker from the visual design world. Meetings are held at the Angelika Film Center in Mockingbird Station on the first Wednesday of the month. There is a reception in the upstairs lobby beginning at 6pm, followed by our presentation at 7pm.

In addition to our monthly meetings, we host numerous other design oriented events including our Working Lunch series, The Dallas Show, charity events such as the DSVC DREAM Drive Golf Tournament as well as various other social engagements.

Maureen Dalton Wolfe

Scott Crowell

Jill Broussard

Diana Combs-Selman

Lydia Flores

Titus LeFlore

John Jones

Jennifer Vincent

Alyssa Derrick
Graphic Designer

Ken Womack

Shannon Allgood

Catherine Chesnut

Michael Landon
Creative Director

Lindsey Juckem
Art Director

Mitchell Lewis

Matthew Dean

Jasmine Casson

Katie Naiser

Bill Ford

KC Sayasan

Ryan Rushing

James Harrison
Design Director

Kristin Baxter
Creative Director

Elizabeth Malakoff
Creative Director

Elda Marroquin
Senior Designer

Mandy Engleman
Creative Director

Mark Simmons

Alyson Breslin
Recruiting Manager

Andrew Klein
Art Director

Brendan Callahan

Aaron Dougherty

Samantha Knight
Web Developer

Bill Ward

Mark Enriquez