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January 29th, 2018


Job Description

The Account Manager at Matchbox is a fast-paced and detail oriented position requiring a high degree of organization and communication skill. Account Managers acts as the primary point of contact for each of our clients throughout the duration of every project, and as a liaison between the client and the designers. In a nutshell, it’s the Account Managers job to ensure that projects run smoothly, on schedule and on budget.

The Account Manager is responsible for knowing the status of any and all jobs they are responsible for, and for helping the principals, designers and staff get their jobs done effectively and efficiently. In most cases, the Account Manager will have direct contact with a client throughout the process and handle much of the daily administration associated with any job. The Account Manager will assist with any client needs that do not directly relate to the creative/design aspect of the job – including scheduling, budgets, change orders, print pricing, coordinating outside vendors, etc.

In addition to their role within each project, the Account Manager will have a broad view of daily, weekly and monthly trafficking, and will establish project schedules and assign resources so that work flow and individual workloads are managed.

The Matchbox Studio is a boutique design firm, so unlike at larger agencies, this position will work on many accounts, and provide multiple opportunities to build strong and rewarding relationships with our very diverse client list. Understanding the goals of each of our clients, and working with them to identify challenges and opportunities, will give the Account Manager a chance to play a role in the success of each and every project in the shop.

Job Responsibilities

• Manage multiple client relationships

• Internal and external project communication

• Project Scheduling

• Coordination of project documentation

• Work through budgets with clients

• Obtaining all necessary assets from client (logo files, copy, etc.)

• Coordinating with outside vendors

• Determine use of assets (what designer on what job and when)

Job Qualifications

• 4 year college degree

• 2-6 years experience in project or account management

• Agency, design firm, marketing or PR experience a plus

• Confident and capable of juggling multiple clients and projects

• Positive Attitude, willingness to learn and be part of a dynamic and fun team

How to Apply

Please send resume to

Email  Phone 214-939-3100

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Jeff Breazeale

The Matchbox Studio is an award-winning creative shop in Dallas, TX. We are seeking an experienced Account Manager / Project Manager to help move clients and projects through the shop.


Dallas, TX

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