Freelance Copywriter
Apr 12, 2017


Job Description

For each assigned article, the writer would be responsible for the following: 

- Attending a quick kick-off call with our team to review the article's focus and any specifics we have from the client. 

- Drafting interview questions for each interviewee, for review and approval by the client prior to the interview. 

- Scheduling and conducting phone interviews as needed. 

- Submitting an initial draft, and up to 2 rounds of revisions as needed. 

Job Qualifications

Writing samples of editorial articles, with preference given to those that have experience targeting creatives and printers. 

How to Apply

If interested, please provide the following to Jamie Lucas at 

- Approximate fees for a 500 word or 1,000 word article based on the scope above. 

- Usual turnaround time for the article based on scope above. 

- Samples of editorial articles. 

- Samples relevant to the creative, printing and paper industries. 

Email  Phone 214.939.9194

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Jamie Lucas

Our team (Squires & Company) partners with an international paper company to produce a quarterly magazine targeted to creatives and printers. Each issue includes 6-8 articles. We're looking for writers to help assist us in creating these articles. 


Dallas, TX

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