July 26th, 2017

Job Description

We’re looking for a designer with taste, superior design skills and an ability to conceive and implement brand, digital and social ideas. The Designer will play a key role in finding new ways to enhance our value for current clients and define opportunities for those that come next. You should have a portfolio of compelling work, an ability to communicate your ideas clearly and a love of experimenting across different types of media.

We are a distributed company, so you will have lots of video meetings, but you can work from pretty much anywhere that has a good internet connection. We're expecting to hire someone with 0-3 years of experience.


Job Responsibilities


  • Develop designs across various digital media types including web, mobile and social media
  • Collaborate with other designers, strategists, and end customers to create new ideas
  • Create concept sketches to help clients understand ideas
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of projects
  • Help clients fall in love with the ideas we present

The keys to being good at this job

1. Not a push-over. You will have an opinionated team. It’s your job to cut through the BS and keep things on track.

2. A fun approachable attitude. Let’s make our time spent working enjoyable.

3. Self-motivated. We are small and growing, not big and bureaucratic. There will be plenty of times when you just need to figure things out.

4. Open to trying new things. We are here to add value to our clients’ customers, so the solutions we provide could turn into almost anything.

5. Good communication skills. We stripped back the layers of account management to improve the collaboration between clients and out teams. That means the full team needs to be open to working with others and proficient at explaining their ideas.

How to Apply

Send your resume and portfolio to 



Email  Phone 2148868366

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Paul McEnany

Plein Air is a customer experience agency that was born out of the idea that we are better able to help brands grow when we create experiences that people want. Instead of intrusive messages hammered into a broad audience through boom and bust campaign cycles, our goal to extend the value of the customer experience, then find all those moments where the value we create is useful or invited.


Dallas (or wherever you'd like), TX

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