Writer/Account Manager
November 1st, 2017


Job Description

The writer/account manager will be responsibe for all aspects of client service, account managment, studio management, booking creative sessions and working on copy for all projects and clients needs. You will also be responsible for analysing and researching solutions for the firm to create greater efficiencies. You bring a fresh approach to everything you do and you offer something relevant to the creative process. You're a leader and you have excellent people skills.

Job Responsibilities

This position will be responsible for all client communications and act a liaison between the clients and the creative staff. You can dissect and assimilate necessary action plans for problems that may arise unexpectedly. This is a leadership position and you must at all times represent the company. This position works in a fast paced environment and you must be able to think multi-dimensionally. You’re attentive to detail and are extremely organized and strive to produce the best work possible. You are a team player and work well under pressure. You know how to use the power of persuasion to move a customer’s attitude or opinion to favorable outcomes. You’re an excellent people person and you have the skill sets needed to master the coordination of multiple projects and teams at one time. You understand the psychology of selling and can influence and sell our products. As an Account Manager, you will be working for a wide range of industries on a wide variety of projects including, but not limited to: packaging, print, web, environmental graphics, displays, presentations, trade show booths, direct mail, logo’s and identity systems, branding campaigns, signage, way-finding solutions, outdoor boards and Trade Show booths. You will be an integral part of a team of dedicated individuals who are working with both local, regional, national and multi-national corporations and government entities in a creative studio atmosphere on high level projects that demand speed and perfection. This position reports to the president and ultimately the client. Based on your performance, there may be opportunities to discuss long-term ownership in the company. 

You will be responsible for, but not limited, to the following:

  • Handle Job quotes and billing
  • Control work flow in the studio on a daily basis.
  • Responsible for establishing, and enforcing deadlines and billing.
  • Discuss and assist in the development of creative for clients and sell ideas
  • Manage client expectations
  • Provide staff with job jackets - acquire all outside vendor quotes such as printing etc. 
  • Analyze work loads in relationship to billings and hire temp help when needed
  • Collect and analyze time sheets weekly and calculate and present cost overages and loss  to clients -- renegotiate job costs
  • Keep and maintain organized company files
  • Manage outside cost and keep accurate and detailed files
  • Manage studio staff regarding overseeing archived files, proper back-ups and maintain accurate files/dossiers on all jobs
  • Deliver and pick up job related materials as needed from customers and vendors
  • Maintain open communications with the president and the customers at all times
  • Write and edit copy.
  • Handle Client Communications with the company
  • Handle any request from the president

Job Qualifications

Must have minimum of 4-year college degree plus a minimum of 5 years of related experience either in a design studio, advertising agency, branding and identity firm or other similar.

You have a strong command of the English language and can proof and edit copy with surgical precision.

You are a quick study and show a willingness to learn.

You can demonstrates excellent communication skills and have the ability to articulate your ideas and concepts to clients as well as others.

You understand that all jobs are sales in one way or another.

You are trustworthy and understand confidentiality and you are extremely organized.

You are punctual with deadlines and have the ability to work quickly and independently.

You are punctual with work and more than likely have not missed a day of work in your life. 

You consider yourself to be more than a hard worker - you own it.

Experience working with the government a plus


Technical Requirements: 

You have a working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, and various accounting software.

You have mastered Microsoft Office - ou will be working in both Apple OS and DOS PC environments. 

You understand SEO and analytical data gathering working on various platforms. 




How to Apply

Please send resume and a short 500 words or less letter stating "Why you are the perfect candidate for this job" and "Why you always wanted to run your own company"

to: jobs@ZielinskiDesign.com

Email jobs@zielinskidesign.com  Phone 2144601667
Additional Information

This is a unique and rare opportunity for the right person. 

Posted By
Tom Zielinski

Leading Dallas based design firm seeks a writer who would eventually like to be in an ownership position with a highly regared firm. You have several years of experience and feel your writing skills are where they need to be. You are creative and offer fresh perspectives and attitudes that can be appreciated by the firm as well as the customer. You're a leader and you're a rainmaker. 


Dallas, TX

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