Creative Director
January 10th, 2018


Job Description

The Creative Director oversees the graphic design team to help develop the Communications Department’s creative product for Gateway Church and its ministries. The Creative Director is responsible for partnering with the Marketing, Editorial and Video directors to determine the best ways for the Communications Department to represent Gateway and its ministries through visual communication. It is very much a people-oriented job, involving development of high-level concepts for design projects, pitching concepts, and understanding client needs. The Creative Director should be able to draw people together to share ideas so that the team feels ownership of the creative product.

Job Responsibilities

Principle Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the graphic creative output of Gateway Church’s Communications Department.
  • Oversee and inspire the design team.
  • Oversee the ideation, presentation an execution of church/ministry branding.
  • Provide quality control over concepts and projects.
  • Oversee and lead creative sessions for project kick-offs and brainstorming sessions.
  • Work with the design, web, video, and editorial departments to develop multiple concepts for a campaign or project and generate proposals or pitch those concepts to the respective clients.
  • Direct the creative function so that the environment, culture, team, capabilities, tools, processes, expectations, work style and other elements support the strategic goals of the Communications department and ensure that the creative function operates in an efficient manner.
  • Ensure that our high quality of creative concept is upheld, maintaining consistently high standards for him/herself and others on the team.
  • Listen, ask, hear, prioritize and translate client situation, goals and information into strategic brand concepts, voice, messages and rationales.
  • Ensure the professional development and readiness of the design team.
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, including the ability to storyboard or translate ideas and innovative concepts to creative team members and ministries.
  • Work collaboratively with the Marketing, Editorial, and Video Directors to strategize and make recommendations for changes to the creative function to meet market changes or to support strategic plans.
  • Understand Gateway Church’s strategic goals and brand; analyze the design team, environment, processes, technologies, etc., to determine areas needing improvement; and build and direct a creative function aligned with and supportive of those goals.
  • Set expectations and standards (build a culture) for creative team attitude, behavior, teamwork and professional development. Lead accordingly.
  • Direct the activities and professional development of design team members.
  • Study the creative marketplace, assessing where Gateway Church and its ministries’ visual communication stands in relevance to meeting people’s needs.
  • Drive constant improvement in Gateway Church’s design quality and capabilities. With the Marketing Director, assure that internal and ministry presentations are on time, professional, engaging, persuasive and supported by a sound rationale.
  • Assure that timely and informative communication takes place between the creative function and other Communications Directors.

Competencies Critical to this Position​

  1. Core Competencies​
  • Highly self-motivated
  • Team Player
  • Self-manageable
  • A maturing spiritual walk with God and passion to serve Gateway & Pastor Robert
  • Budget minded
  • Communication skills:
    • Counseling
    • Spiritual guidance
    • Healthy leadership
    • Healthy confrontation
  1. Technical Competencies

  • Marketing experience
  • Web and social media experience
  • MS Office experience and knowledge

Key Performance Measurements

  • Annual performance evaluation
  • Exemplify the values of Gateway Church – Spiritual, Relational, Professional
  • Healthy relational integrity maintained both interdepartmentally and within the church body
  • Unity maintained with other Communication Directors and Oversight
  • Gateway Church design quality stays current and effective to reach our target audiences
  • Budget built and stewarded wisely
  • Staffing hired and managed efficiently and effectively
  • Display Initiative and resourcefulness on all assigned tasks and projects
  • All tasks completed efficiently
  • Team Player & Positive attitude 

Job Qualifications

a) Unique Skills and Knowledge

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Ability to lead and manage the design team on projects from concept to completion
  • A strong working knowledge of brand management, ad campaign development and creative processes
  • Ability to make evaluative judgments
  • A working knowledge of layout, graphic fundamentals, typography, print, video, web & copywriting for integrated campaigns
  • Well-organized
  • Able to make quality judgment calls
  • Team-building mentality
  • Proficiency in meeting task deadlines/timelines
  • Strong relational skills with people
  • Strong management skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Broad knowledge of all pertinent fields related to communications and technology
  • Ability to prioritize time for department efficiency
  • Keen understanding of leading and developing creative and effective products

b) Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Solution-oriented
  • Quick assessment of needs
  • Positive attitude and positive approach to problem solving

c) Relational Connections

  • Pastoral staff, congregation members, administrative staff, support staff, and volunteers

d) Preferred Education/Certification(s)

  • Four-year college degree and agency experience preferred

How to Apply

Please apply by visiting the following link:

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Email  Phone 817.552.3610
Additional Information

*This description is not all inclusive, and other duties may be assigned as necessary.

Gateway Church does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law as it applies to churches. However, Gateway Church does discriminate on the basis of religion.

Employment Requirement: All Staff must be a member or become a member of Gateway Church upon employment.

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