Creative Director
January 16th, 2018


Job Description

The Creative Director will be responsible for all the graphic creative output of Shraman Foundation. This work will in turn translate into increased Foundation visibility and greater turnout and professionality in our execution of community events.

Job Responsibilities

- Design and produce content including, but not limited to: website redesign, traveling museum exhibit posters, brochures, logos, print and digital advertising, invitations, web and email graphics, etc.

- Take pre-designed artwork and apply versions to print and web collateral of varying dimensions and media. Be able to visualize, sketch, and take original concepts from design consultation to final print production.

- Brand identity management: Oversee the ideation, presentation and execution of all Shraman Foundation branding. Maintain a consistent brand identity across all visual communications.

- Oversee and lead creative sessions for project kick-offs and brainstorming sessions.

- Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, including the ability to storyboard or translate ideas and innovative concepts to creative team members and relevant partners.

- Set expectations and standards (build a culture) for creative team attitude, behavior, teamwork and professional development.

Job Qualifications

- 4+ years of multimedia graphic design experience

- Excellent academic track record and Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university

- Demonstrated ability to take projects from idea to implementation

- Self-starter, can work well independently

- Highly proficient in current versions of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and the use of these applications in producing art for print and digital media

- Highly proficient in web design

- Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and Adobe Acrobat as well as troubleshooting


How to Apply

- Submit a COVER LETTER and CV/RESUME in PDF format to detailing why you are interested in the position, your relevant experience or background, why you believe this makes you suited for the position, and what you will offer to Shraman Foundation. Both the cover letter and the CV/RESUME should be their own PDF file.

- Additionally, please attach a PDF file with 5-7 samples of your best work in print design, corporate identity and/or advertising (please limit file size to 5mb).


Email  Phone (214) 593-0512

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Hannah Reiss

The mission of Shraman Foundation is to promote a greater understanding of South Asia by providing a forum for the engagement and interpretation of this important region of the world. To achieve this goal, Shraman is in the process of building a world-class South Asian Museum & Learning Center in Dallas, Texas. The Shraman Foundation strives to inspire people to learn about South Asia's rich culture and heritage and to encourage exploration of diversity. The museum will build tolerance and break down stereotypes through the development of cross-cultural exhibitions, educational outreach, and collaboration with other cultural institutions​.


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