Project Manager
July 10th, 2018


Job Description

Our Project Manager will ensure client satisfaction by ensuring creative is delivered on time at every key milestone from internal meetings to client meetings to final execution.

The winning candidate will be able to seamlessly integrate and coordinate workflow between creative and client including coordination with outside agencies and resources. They must understand what every creative is working on, know the relevant timelines and milestones of those projects, and be aware of the bandwidth of the team at all times. They must have the ability to multitask and stas on top of all client projects and programs – managing internal production meetings and our master project spreadsheet, keeping the team aware of changes in deadlines, requirements or client needs.

Job Responsibilities

Core Accountabilities 

  • Manages overall creative team capacity and available resources to better prioritize and distribute work across team member
    • Coordinates with Creative Director to scope projects and determine proper investment and assets to deliver a quality product
  • Builds and maintains relationships and facilitates communication between creative and client
  • Builds internal creative timelines to ensure external deadlines are met
  • Maintains master Google spreadsheet of all projects and programs
    • Codes projects with visual cues e.g. icons and color 
  • Provides status to creative leaders highlighting key deliverables and client meetings for the next day as needed
  • Coordinates and drives internal reviews and approvals prior to client review
  • Coordinates and reviews team timelines with leadership prior to sharing with client
  • Manages freelance (art directors and writers) and their time
    • Estimates scope of project and hours needed for completion
    • Evaluates internal sourcing options
    • Maintains contact list of outside talent
  • Coordinates planning and purchasing of photography, video and other 3rd party creative assets
    • Prepares bids, negotiates costs and timing for photo shoots for the best product within budget 
    • Works with creative team and client to adhere to production guidelines and creative requests
  • Coordinates with creative team to provide detailed specs for production/print

Core Skills

  • Oral Communications
    • Organizes ideas and communicates messages appropriately to others
    • Participates in conversation, discussions and group presentations
    • Selects an appropriate medium of conveying a message
    • Uses verbal language and other cues such as body language, tone and level of complexity to the audience
    • Speaks clearly and concisely
    • Understands and responds to listener feedback and asks questions when needed
  • Written Communications
    • Communicates thoughts, ideas, information and messages in writing
    • Records information completely and accurately
    • Effectively composes and creates documents, letters, reports, proposals, graphs, etc
    • Uses language, style, organization, and format appropriate to the subject matter, purpose and audience
    • Includes supports documentation and attends to all levels of detail
    • Checks, edits and revises for correct information, appropriate emphasis, form, grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Project Leadership
    • Desire to participate in process improvement/development to better workflow
    • Ability to motivate, influence, delegate, prioritize and communicate project status to all stakeholders
    • Ability to organize, prioritize work and materials for appropriate action
  • Manage Resources
    • Ability to identify and align resources, utilize performance, monitor indicators and manage all resources against budgets
  • Accuracy/Attention to Detail
    • Applies appropriate attention to detail
    • Work can be relied upon for thoroughness and accuracy
  • Focus on Client Needs
    • Anticipates and identifies internal and external client needs
    • Takes action to meet client needs
    • Develops effective working relationships with clients
    • Continually searches for ways to increase client satisfaction
  • Builds internal/external relationships
    • Develops relationship with others as key priority
    • Strives for win-win solutions
  • Time Management
    • Ability to manage own time effectively, setting priorities and meeting deadlines
  • Sound business and professional ethics

Job Qualifications

  • Experience: 2+ years working in an agency environment
  • Education: Four-Year Degree

How to Apply

p - Jeff at 214.298.3504

@ -

Email  Phone 2142983504

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Jeff Snider

We are in need of a Project Manager to add to our growing creative team. The right candidate will be a maker and a doer. We are looking for a Project Manager interested in being a part of the growth process, helping not only to manage and guide the work, but work with the current core team to develop solutions and improve processes to help facilitate continued growth and expansion. 


Plano, TX

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