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September 23rd, 2018


Job Description

What We Need

We are looking for a PHP developer who is ready to take their craft to a new level. You will work alongside a skilled team doing interesting work.

What We Do
We build custom websites and web applications. We generally don’t handle simple brochure sites. Rather, our projects are more complex and require research, domain modeling, and custom functionality. 

Our projects are seldom one and done as virtually all of our clients engage us for multiple projects over time.

An example of our work is the website for The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago ( It is a mixture of a deep content with custom applications and integrations. 

Job Qualifications


Two to five years of experience in object-oriented PHP development. 

Not required, but things that will catch our eye

  • Experience in PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symfony.
  • Comfortable working with APIs and exchanging data with other systems.
  • Experience in researching and developing software requirements.
  • Front-end code skills particularly JavaScript.
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js, React and Angular JS.
  • A background in other languages like Java.
  • CMS integration skills.
  • Familiarity with the concepts of domain-driven design. 
  • Project management experience.
  • Experience administering and troubleshooting Linux servers.

Personal Qualities

You must:

  • Care about your craft with a drive to do excellent work.
  • Have a sharp mind, be curious, and quick to pick up new programming skills. 
  • Be self-motivated and able to function without much hand-holding.
  • Interact professionally with clients to solve business problems through custom software. 
  • We will consider full or part-time relationships. Salary will be dependent upon skills/abilities and will increase as those grow. Working remotely or on-site in Grapevine, Texas, are both possibilities.  

How to Apply

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Busy Noggin Digital

Ron Hall

Busy Noggin is a focused web agency skilled in building large websites and web applications for a select group of clients. Our developers have loads of experience in enterprise-level content management, complex web applications, front-end coding, mobile development, UX and so forth. Our people are smart but down-to-earth. Sure, we have all the skills a development shop should, but more importantly, we have a knack for figuring out the complicated stuff and making it work.


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