January 22nd, 2019


Job Description

We’re looking for a creative mind who can find ideas that solve problems for our clients and their customers. The right person is a student of people and culture, and will be able to use language to elevate the communication of an idea into something that feels compelling and special.

This person will be expected to work directly with clients, present a case for new concepts, and work across media.

We are a distributed company, so you will have lots of video meetings, but you can work from pretty much anywhere that has good internet.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create integrated creative concepts
  • Develop copy for videos, posters, digital ads, packaging, websites and social media
  • Collaborate with designers, strategists and data analysts to find new ideas
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of projects
  • Present a rationale to clients for concepts

Job Qualifications

  • 4-6 years of experience
  • Portoflio of writing work
  • Ability to work closly with other creatives 
  • Amazing time managment skills 
  • Great communicator 


The keys to being good at this job

Curious. All ideas come from somewhere. If you’re not feeding yourself with good inputs, then the work will never be as good as it could have been.

Super fun. We spend a lot of time working. Let’s not make all that time suck.

Self-motivated. We are small and growing, not big and bureaucratic. There will be plenty of times when you just need to figure things out.

Ambition. We want people who think they can change the world.

Writing skills. Obviously, you’re a writer. So you need to love language and know how to wield it for good.


How to Apply

Pleas send your portfolio along with a brief description of why you should be considered to 

Email  Phone 2144502014

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