Social Media Sales Associate
April 1st, 2019


Job Description

Position Summary:  Responsible for assisting with sales and production, receiving, sorting, organizing and preparing merchandise for the sales floor; responsible for online sales.


Job Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborates with Development team to build a social media plan focusing on high valued store products, customer retention, site traffic, and promoting sales,

  • Creates new ways to reach out to target audiences,

  • Runs reports that include Facebook ads, Ebay or Twitter analytics for sales reports,

  • Responds to social media posts,

  • Takes pictures of products and posts on social media pages.

Job Qualifications

Requirements: Associates Degree in marketing or similar and at least two (2) years of years of experience working in a retail environment organizing, sorting and assisting customers with merchandise. At least one year of experience with online sales that include sales on Facebook, EBay and similar online sites.

Licenses and Certifications:       Valid and clear Tx Driver’s License

How to Apply

Additional Information

Benefits for part time employee:

PTO Accrual Schedule

Part-time employees

0-36 months

36-60 months

60 months up

PT Employees working 20-29 hours per week can earn up to a maximum of 85 hours based on months/years of service

After 6 months of service, earn up to 45 hours maximum in 12 months = to 1.88 hours per pay period

Rollover 10 hours *

Earn up to 65 hours maximum in 12 months = to 2.71 hours per pay period


Rollover 20 hours*

Earn up to 85 hours maximum in 12 months = 3.54 hours per pay period



Rollover 30 hours*

Definition: Paid time off (PTO) provides part-time employees with paid time away from work that can be used for the employee’s needs for vacation, personal or family illness, bereavement, jury duty, doctor appointments, family obligations or events, and other activities of our employee’s choice.


*Rollover hours must be taken within the first half of the year in order to receive the maximum accrual amount allotted for the current year.


Scheduling PTO: PTO must be scheduled in advance and have supervisor approval, except in the case of illness or emergency.

Using PTO: Part-time employees become eligible to earn PTO upon completion of 6 months of continuous completed service.  Employees may begin using PTO as soon as they accrue.


PT to FT Employment: If a part-time employee moves into a full-time position, the value of unused positive PTO balances (what they have earned to that date minus any PTO taken) will be retained and they will begin accruing PTO at the rate of a full-time employee.


2019 Holiday Schedule*

  • New Year’s Day, January 1

  • Memorial Day, May 27

  • Independence Day, July 4

  • Labor Day, September 2

  • Thanksgiving Day & Day After, November 28, November 29

  • Christmas Eve, December 24

  • Christmas Day, December 25

  • Board Designated Holidays, December 26th-December 27th

*If you are scheduled to work on any of our agency’s holidays, you will receive time and a half.  Retail staff must be available to work on all holidays except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


403b Retirement with Bank of Texas

The Family Place offers a way for you to save for your future with our 403b retirement plan through Bank of Texas.  Eligible employees are able to receive a match of up to 25% towards your semi-monthly payroll contributions, up to a maximum of 3% of your salary. 


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Family Place offers access to an EAP to all employees which provides professional advice for a wide range of personal and work-related issues.  The service is available to you and your family members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at no cost


Life Insurance

The Family Place offers life insurance coverage to provide protection through UNUM at no cost to you.  Basic Life Insurance is equal to 1 times your annual base earnings, up to a maximum benefit of $50,000.


Pet Insurance

The Family Place offers all eligible employees Pet Insurance through Nationwide as a voluntary benefit.  Nationwide provides a variety of benefit options ranging from Wellness Only to Major Medical + Wellness. The cost is dependent on the plan you choose.


Assist America Travel Insurance

An added benefit for employees of The Family Place is our Assist America travel assistance program.  When traveling for business or pleasure, in a foreign country or 100 or more miles from your home, you and your family can count of getting help in the event of a medical emergency.  This benefit is available to you at no cost.

Around the clock help, when you need it for the following:

Hospital Admission, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Medically supervised return travel when medically authorized, Transportation for a friend/relative if you expect to be hospitalized more than seven days, Prescription replacement assistance, Medical consultation and evaluation, Medical referrals to Western-trained, English speaking medical providers, Care and transport of unattended minor children.


Direct Deposit

The Family Place provides direct deposit and easy access to your personal employee information through Paycom.  Paycom is available as an app for your phone and all of your employee data is accessible through the app.

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Stephanie Adams

Where Family Violence Stops.  The Family Place, a non profit agency in Dallas, has been serving victims of domestic violence for 40 years.  Our agency's Resale Shop is seeking an experienced social media sales associate to help us with our items listed on Poshmark and other social media websites.  Clients often come to us with only what they are wearing. Our Resale Shop in Dallas and Resale Boutique in McKinney accept donations and provide free clothing, household items and furniture to clients as necessary. Staffed primarily by volunteers, the stores’ excess donated inventory is sold to the general public to raise funds for programs.


Dallas, TX

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