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April 12th, 2019


Job Description

About Us:
We are a non-profit organization based in Dallas. Founded on a commitment to South Asian values, we seek to create a space for the exchange of ideas, arts and culture. Through our work, we hope to nurture a universal understanding of humanity and create a world in which everyone is treated as family.

Exhibit Happiness:
We are launching our first open-air photography exhibit with a bang! On Saturday, May 25th, we will host an open comunity event to celebrate South Asian culture and explore the meaning of happiness! This event will be open to the public and will include exciting South Asian based games, activities, performance, and food. Through this event we hope to open up a window to the other side of the world, and build comunity bonds by exploring the ways in which we find our happiness all around the world!

This Project:

This is where you come in! To make those connection between our communities and arts, we hope to pull in artists from our comunity to reflect similar themes of happiness as can be found in our photography exhibit, so build a bond between our own Dallas culture and the South Asian cultures explored in our exhibit. 

For this mural project, we implore you to explore different sources of happiness. Consider the different ways people find happiness and explore how that can conincide with a South Asian value, trait, or tradition. Find ways to connect and blend the happiness we find in Dallas with the ways people find happiness across the globe - is it the work that they do, the way they play, the we wind down down, or the craft we create? Explore these questions and come up with your own answer for a mural project.

Get it approved. Paint it Out. Share with our community!

Freestanding mural board dimensions: 6ft x 4 ft

Future Projects

As the Shraman Foundation hosts more events and exhibitions, we will begin to have a need for more creative artists and graphic desigers. Please send your portfolio to the email addresses below if you would like to be considered for our future needs.

Job Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with staff to design proposal for mural
  • Paint mural as designed
  • Coordinate with staff to arrange drop off of mural material and pick up

Job Qualifications

  • Submission Deadline: Sunday, April 21st @ midnight
  • Artwork Complete By: Wednesday, May 22nd
  • Exhibit Open to the Public: Saturday, May 25th

How to Apply

  • Submission Deadline: Sunday, April 21th @ midnight
  • Send portfolio or samples of previous artwork to and

Email  Phone 214-593-0514

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Erica Mahoney

We invite you to partner with us and create beautiful art for Shraman Foundation's Exhibit Happiness. Take a moment to reflect on sources of happiness. Become inspired. Paint it out & share it with the world! 

Dallas, TX

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