Art Director Assistant
December 14th, 2021


Job Description


Pearl Resourcing works with a variety of exciting dynamic clientele and produces many creative types of packaging for retail and online commerce. Pearl is at the heartbeat of the brand and packaging business. We are a smaller boutique firm and so your working experience here will be varied, busy and rewarding. The Art Directors Assistant will be directly involved in launching business product branding and packaging. This is an amazing opportunity to be on the front lines of this industry and gain valuable experience.

This position requires understanding of what will SELL to consumers, be easier, more affordable to manufacture and catch the customers attention. It would be helpful to look at design projects from a business owner's perspective.

The Art Directors Assistant must be able to manage and work with a team, make suggestions, have creative ideas and opinions on project design assets, as well as follow directions agreed on by the team. This role requires an entrepreneurial view point, a desire to learn, perfect your craft and be the best at what you do.

We are seeking a Branding & Packaging Art Directors Assistant with experience in structural graphic design in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). They must be committed to learning and developing unique packaging for nationally represented brands in the food, beverage, beauty and health industry. 

The ideal candidate will have 1- 2 years of practical working experience. Must be exceptionally comfortable with Adobe Creative Suite, Google Docs and online communications.


Job Responsibilities

Average Time Allocation:

  • 50% Managing design projects and brand development.

  • 30% Overseeing design packaging artwork or other deliverables based on existing brand assets. 

The rest of the time will be organizing the design projects and communicating with Design Team Members, Clients and the Pearl Resourcing Team. Each design project will be clearly outlined for you. You will enjoy this job because you will be doing what you love >> branding and packaging design and project management.

Job Qualifications


  • Organized - Systematize the design project, online creative assets, files and timelines. 

  • Team Manager - Able to design, collaborate and manage a team of designers. Provide written project directions of the Client vision and specific project design elements.

  • Trustworthy and honest.

  • Team Player - Positive, easy to work with. Dedicated to the job and the people you work with. Flexible with a sense of humor! 

  • Effective Communicator - Clear verbal and written communication skills. Grammar and spelling proficiency a must. 

  • Attention to detail and accuracy while working in a fast paced environment.

  • Accountable - Good at follow-through and completing tasks on time.

  • Efficient - Always looking for ways to improve workflow and communications..

  • Ability to work independently and with an online team.

  • Professional appearance.

  • Desire to make a difference and accomplish something in life.

Advanced experience and knowledge of:

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Packaging dielines and materials.

  • Utilizing smart files for 2D mock-ups.

  • Using templates to create content sized across digital media platforms.

  • Knowledge of font exploration.

  • Experience with checklists and templates to maintain brand consistency.

  • Comfortable with online Zoom meetings and Email communications.

  • Your own computer and related design subscriptions. We may be able to reimburse you for some services if required for our work.

How to Apply

To apply for this exciting Pearl Resourcing opportunity, go to On this web page under PEARL RESOURCING there is a line of options, click on the far right option: APPLY TO WORK WITH US. Follow the instructions and submit your portfolio and resume. We will be in touch with you! We look forward to meeting you and talking about your future with Pearl Resourcing. Thank you!

Email  Phone 818-317-5317
Additional Information


  • Pearl Resourcing’s office is open 9-6 pm Monday - Friday. Our office is located at 1920 McKinney Ave, Floor 7; Dallas Texas 75201.  Working from home is an option but you must use our timeclock services which confirms your location and start/stop times to be compensated for work. You will be required to come into the office to work at least once a week for team meetings.

Full time availability is preferred. We have approximately 20-40 hours a week available, depending on the season and your skill compatibility with our projects. Work will be completed hourly and is flexible but must be at scheduled dependable times during the week. There will be occasional evening and weekend work. Checking emails is expected on projects with immediate deadlines.

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Robin Page

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