Video Production Manager
June 17th, 2022


Job Description

·         Develop fresh and engaging content to support initiatives for social media, network television, YouTube, in-venue screens and other platforms.

·         Capture video content during live events, behind-the-scenes and in scripted environments.

·         Shoot and produce b-roll packages both at track and other locations to serve as or complement local/regional/national media coverage to include time stamps.

·         Shoot press conferences to capture events for archival as well as TV b-roll packages.

·         Quickly and efficiently edit high-quality video for online, in-venue and broadcast distribution.

·         Ability to produce motion graphics and video graphics to complement content and campaigns.

·         Competent in writing scripts for use in promotions, social content and historical videos.

·         Implement and maintain footage inventory for optimal storage, relevance and currency.

·         Assist in overall event operations, video production and support where necessary related to Big Hoss TV.

·         Support Sales efforts including recap videos, video pitches, etc. where necessary.

·         Work in collaboration with other Speedway Motorsports creative team members to create and support campaigns and projects.

·         Remain up-to-date on latest editing and production skills, software and trends including motion graphics and animation.

·         Export final deliverable files and distribute through various channels including ad trafficking.

·         Ability and willingness to operate a drone and maintain a drone license for video production needs.

·         Well versed in equipment and processes to execute live streaming and online productions.

·         Maintain working knowledge of camera equipment, production studio equipment and editing software.

·         Provide recommendations to streamline or enhance production capabilities and productions.

·         Manage internal and/or freelance personnel for events, additional shoots and/or editing including schedules and shot lists.

·         Provide a showcase of prior work that supports the above job duties.

Job Responsibilities


Job Qualifications

·         Three to five years of experience as a video producer, editor and creator working in a fast-paced environment with a history of sports and general creative marketing campaigns

·         Superior camera skills with creative eye and working knowledge of various types of cameras. Must work in cinematic style, mainly DSLR.

·         Ability to capture and cleanly key green screen shoots.

·         Proficiency with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator.

·         Well-developed editing work flow.

·         Proficient with color correction and sound design.

·         Strong interest in sports, particularly motorsports (i.e. NASCAR).

·         Interest in, and understanding of pop culture and how it relates to creation of entertaining video content.

·         Must be CREATIVE, resourceful, shoot & edit independently with a positive can-do approach to work.

·         Self-starter/multi-tasker, creative, and excellent time management skills.

·         Willingness to work a non-traditional schedule including special events, race weekends and when necessary, holidays.

·         Must be able to lift items up to 75 lbs.

·         Comfortable working within tight timelines.

·         Applicant must be willing and able to travel to other SM venues and events.

·         Must be willing to complete an assigned project during the interview process.

How to Apply

Submit cover letter, resume and demo reel to 

Email  Phone 817-215-8598

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Ellen Stallcup

Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) is a key location in a network of the Speedway Motorsports family across the country.  Our company maintains a consistent focus on four core principles:               ·         Take care of our teammates·         Be known for remarkable events·         Make a positive impact on the community·         Profitably improveThe Video Production Manager must hold themselves and their team accountable for taking our best practices “the last mile” – optimizing them for maximum value to your teammates, customers, and corporate clients while sharing insights on how to improve our company. Speedway Motorsports and Texas Motor Speedway are top-tier leaders in motorsports-based entertainment and is seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic Video Production Manager to join the Marketing Department with experience handling all things video including producing, editing, shooting and motion graphics along with the ability to move quickly to meet deadlines. The ideal candidate will be skilled in producing and delivering high impact video for in-venue productions on Big Hoss TV, the world’s largest HD video screen as well as other Speedway Motorsports venues in addition to providing creative and captivating content for digital and broadcast mediums.


Fort Worth, TX

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