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April 4th, 2023


Job Description

Position Summary

  • Full time, Dallas location
  • Mid level motion designer with at least 4 years of professional experience
  • Curiosity and creativity are a MUST. You have to be willing to explore and discover what works in telling compelling stories.

Essential Functions

  • Be in support of projects benefiting from motion graphics across the firm, as well as externally
  • Collaborate with Creative Director and team to translate client needs into relevant motion content
  • Ideate concepts, storyboard development, pre-production planning
  • Design and animate graphics for sizzles, presentations, short form content, immersive environments, etc.
  • Conduct research and development, attend industry events, and read publications to develop ideas and remain current on industry and artistic trends and developments
  • Confer with Clients, Producers, Creative Director and others regarding the nature and content of editorial work; Provide visually creative solutions to Clients, Producers, Creative Directors, and others

Job Responsibilities

Skills and Abilities

  • Concrete understanding of design fundamentals including typography, composition, hierarchy, and timing
  • Strong visual storytelling and creative thinking skills
  • An inherent understanding of storytelling and dramatic structure
  • Basic understanding of the film/editorial/vfx process
  • Be an advocate for Corgan’s brand and a steward of our brand standards
  • Agile work ethic and ability to work on multiple projects in a fast-paced environment
  • Must bring creative ideas and solutions to the table, while maintaining the ability to take direction and gracefully accept feedbackWillingness to adhere to our workflow processes and naming conventions
  • Have a strong desire to be part of a close-knit team of passionate, hilarious, hard working people.
  • Work independently and in collaboration with Creative Director, Producer, Editorial and VFX teams, and of course clients
  • Responsible ownership of time and project management
  • Excellent organization and communication skills
  • Motivated, self-starter
  • High attention to detail/ strong follow-up skills
  • Flexibility to deal with production delays, unexpected problems, and varied personality types
  • Self-discipline and hard work ethic
  • Maintains high standards of efficiency, consistency, accuracy, creativity and timely delivery of all requests
  • Stay up to date on technology advances, industry trends, and research and implement new techniques to continually advance workflow and creativity

Job Qualifications

Position Qualifications

  • Mid level motion designer with at least 4 years of professional experience
  • At least 4 years of experience with graphics producing software including but not limited to After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop
  • At least two years professional experience with concepts, practices and procedures of post-production workflows, including ingesting, building elements, organizing project files, and outputs.
  • Proficient with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Does not have to be an expert in either, but should be familiar with basic operations and maintenance of both.
  • Degree in related field and experience/portfolio – or – combined education and experience/portfolio

How to Apply

Please submit an application here in order to apply for this job. 


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Brandon Carmichael

The MediaLab is a multidisciplinary in-house service to Corgan (Corgan is in the top ten national architecture firms with offices around the world). Our forever growing skill set includes vfx, film team, broadcast studio, editorial, motion graphics, and immersive technology. We create wow moments through creative storytelling.The key to any position in the MediaLab is to create a compelling story, if at all possible, in all aspects of what you create, whether in filming, broadcasting, or editing. This should be done in one of three ways: Utilizing tools you already know; Learning new tools from the MediaLab team and those in our industry; and Developing new tools or techniques that are specific to the stories we need to tell.


Dallas, TX

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