Tadd Meyers is a native Texan who grew up in Houston and now lives in Dallas with his wife and kids. He has collected many accolades throughout his career — garnering recognition from the likes of Communication ArtsGraphis, the American Advertising Federation, and has most recently been listed as one of ARCHIVE Magazine's 2020 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide.

Accolades aside, Tadd is perhaps best known for his book, Portraits of the American Craftsman, which features photographs of 30 workshops across the U.S., from grand piano builders in New York City to baseball glove makers in Texas. His photographs are crafts unto themselves — balancing both his artistic vision and his technical competency.

Tadd believes that in this day of digital media and our constant bombardment by visual clutter, it is so important to make imagery that tells its story in an elegant and unique way. Whether it's a still photograph or a motion video, he enjoys making images that successfully communicate his client's vision.

Tadd's client list includes well-known local brands like Lucchese Boots, Pecan Lodge BBQ, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. He has also worked with national and international brands like 44 Farms, Apple, Wild Turkey, Chevrolet, and Walmart.