We're very excited to welcome our April speaker, Adi Goodrich. Adi is a Los Angeles-based artist and designer best known for her colorful, iconic images and graphic set designs.

Her work encourages the viewer to look further into commercial imagery to see the craftsmanship and historical reference that is prevalent throughout. Attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and La Sorbonne in Paris, Goodrich's work is inspired by the history of art, architecture and design.

Goodrich's portfolio is comprised of a range of multi-media work, including large-scale set design for advertising and film, site-specific murals, tour visuals for musical performances, photography, sculptures, and homewares.

Clients include: Apple, Lyft, Target, Google, Amazon, Adidas, Ace Hotel, Facebook, Fleet Foxes, DropBox, TOMS, Sagmeister & Walsh, Uber, Wieden + Kennedy and many more.

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